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The Zhivago

I found some Stoli Blueberi Vodka for a great price at the grocery store today, and loving to try new liquors and new drinks, I bought it. The best part is that I just did a search for drinks using blueberry vodka and found this:

Dr. Zhivago - Stoli Blueberi

Marco Pasanella’s The Zhivago

  • 1 large snowdrift
    1 crackling fire
    1 girl named Lara
    2 shots Stoli Blueberi, chilled
  • Pre-freeze elegant shot glasses and carafe.
    Present two blueberries in each glass and serve on a silver tray.
    Caress gently.

2 thoughts on “The Zhivago

  1. Dad

    I had a mixed doubles partner/girlfriend named Lara once–she used to watch you and Britt while I locked the bathrooms in San Ramon. If I was single, I might have tried this recipe!

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