The Ninja Fox Diaries

7:50a – ninja fox is doing tai chi on the porch with two of his bunny friends.
8:28 – ninja fox is trimming the plants.
11:26 – the fox is giving the bird a bath with a hose.
12:36p – the fox is sweeping out the pagoda, having moved the table into the corner, one of the birds is drinking from the bird bath, and another is chilling on the porch. the outdoor table is set with snacks
2:13 – everything has disappeared! there are only trees… where did my ninja fox go?
2:13 – he’s back! oh that was frightening. he is now working on a little zen bamboo on the outdoor table, and with the sweeping done the table is back in its place inside the pagoda. the birds are both perched on the birdbath and having a drink when it suits their fancy.
4:22 – the sun is now high in the sky but heading down. ninja fox and his friend monkey are taking tea in the tower of the pagoda. one of the birds is chilling on the stool at the outdoor table, but the other is not to be found. could he be plotting revenge against the ninja fox who does not invite him to tea?
5:54 – ninja fox and monkey are still taking tea.
6:31 – twilight. ninja fox is serenading a small flock of ducks with his flute at the outdoor table.
8:11 – ninja fox is having what looks like a veggie noodle bowl for dinner inside the pagoda, while all three birds are enjoying bird seed on the porch. the sun has now gone down, and the stars are out.
10:48 – ninja fox is on a ladder lighting the lantern that hangs from the corner of the pagoda. There’s a crazy lantern sitting on the outdoor table that looks like a fish. The birds are gone, but there are fireflies above the birdbath.
12:20a – ninja fox is working on his calligraphy at the indoor table.
2:41 – OMG! ninja fox has put away the table and is asleep in the pagoda (his slippers are outside the door), but there are three ghost foxes playing a game on the outdoor table! crazy!

1 thought on “The Ninja Fox Diaries

  1. Julia

    Right now it’s only 7-8 o clock at night and I see my little box doing taichi with his bunnies. that wierd?

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