Kitten Games

Came across an amazing description of “kitten games” by Giles Turnbull via NextDraft. Giles’ piece is so hilariously accurate I just had to share it. Here’s an excerpt to whet your appetite:

The paw punching and ear chewing all looks chaotic to a casual observer, but I’ve been watching these guys carefully, notebook in hand. These games aren’t random. There are rules.

Smack You in the Face

The rules of Smack You in the Face are simple. One cat sits on top of the small wooden stool at the end of the kitchen. This cat is the “smacker.”

The other cat is on the floor beneath the stool. This cat is also the “smacker.” The aim of the game is to smack the opponent cat around the face with your paw as many times as possible, without (a) falling off the stool or (b) being struck by your falling opponent.

The uppermost cat has the advantage of height and an excellent view of the playing arena. The lowermost cat can use stealth to hide under the stool, confusing the uppermost cat before launching a sudden attack from an unexpected direction. This may result in the uppermost cat being smacked around the flanks or hindquarters; this may be frowned upon but only if you are the uppermost cat. It isn’t actually against the rules….

Read more from “Games Kittens Play” by Giles Turnbull.

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