All you need is LOVE!

I just bought tickets to see Cirque du Soleil – The Beatles: Love with my mom when we are in Las Vegas. I hope it’s awesome.

3 thoughts on “All you need is LOVE!

  1. Biblioadonis aka George

    I like the water idea, but be careful at WDW in Orlando. There is a low water table and a high sulphur content in the local water. You can smell it when you shower and it even makes the fountain sodas taste a little funny.

    The Magic Kingdom is older and doesn’t have as many water filters installed. So, you might want to take some of the small crystal light packages as well.

  2. kristan

    Oooh, that doesn’t sound good. Maybe I keep that tip in my hat just for Disneyland then. It was wonderful there, but sounds like a scratch at WDW.

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